Paid Search Marketing or PPC is a globally used tool that empowers businesses or brands to make the most of a search engine or a host website by paying them each time their ad is clicked. This is also known as pay per click (PPC) and works wonders for brands who plan to advertise to a wide audience base on a limited budget.

Paid Search Marketing can immensely help a brand to come at the top of a search result page. It is also easily trackable. You can always opt for it with a small budget and depending upon the results can decide to go for a full-fledged Paid Search Marketing campaign.

The objective of Paid Search Marketing is to make a viewer click through to the advertiser’s website or mobile app, so that he can buy the product he is interested in. Paid Search Marketing is very relevant in today’s digital age and is very popular with almost all brands. It is a great way to reach out directly to the audience through the search history of the visitor.